Articles, Opportunities, and More for Startup Founders


Founder Coach Series

We prepared this series of articles to help early-stage founders.

Am I Ready?

Read This Before Starting a Business here

Passion to Solve a Problem here

Understanding Founder Economics here

Founder is a 24/7/365 Job here

Belief in Yourself here

Surviving the No’s here


Evaluating Your Idea

Evaluating Business Ideas here
Founder Market Fit here
Defining Market Size here
Solving the Right Problem here
Find Your Niche here

Getting Started

How to Get Started here
Business Opening Checklist here
Financial Reporting Basics here
Your First Contracts here
Getting People in the Boat here

Idea to Live

From Idea to Live here
Customer Discovery here
Writing a Business Plan here
Your First Customers here
Funding the Launch here

Product Market Fit

Finding Product Market Fit here
Defining Product Market Fit here
Revenue and Product Market Fit here
Iterating to Success here

Scaling Your Business

Scaling Your Business here
Tracking Acquisition Costs here
Calculating Revenue Per Customer here
Evaluating Unit Profitability here
Growth Through Paid Acquisition here

Pitch Competitions and Grants

Black Ambition

Pitch contest with prizes up to $1MM in investments and grants. Open to Black and Latinx founders. Apply by May 8th here.

Google For Black Founders

Grants up to $150K. Apply by Mar 26th here.

Startup Showdown

$120,000 investment to winner. Open to all startups. Rolling application dates here.

TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield

$100,000 prize and pitch to big tech event crowd.  All founders eligible.  Apply by May 15th here.

Forward Business Accelerator

$20,000 grants.  Open to Black and Latinx startups in D2C retail.  Apply by Apr 1st here.

Third Love Effect

$20,000 grants.  Open to women founders.  Apply by Mar 31st here.

The Amber Grant

 $10,000 grants.  Open to female founders.  Apply by month end here.

Blockchain/Web3 Grants

Check out a listing of 40+ grant programs for founders building in web3 here.

Atlanta First Pitch Fridays

Pitch practice for women founders in Atlanta.  In partnership with Venture Atlanta conference.  Rolling applications here.

Soma Fellowship

$100K investment.  Open to all founders.  Apply by April 30th here.

A16Z Talent x Opportunity

$100K investment.  Open to diverse founders.  Rolling applications here.

More Opportunities

Coming soon.


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