Empowering Diverse Founders

W3 Studio is a 501c3 nonprofit supporting diverse founders building emerging tech startups in Atlanta


We operate a pre-accelerator program to give founders the knowledge and resources they need to go from idea to live business.


We host events for founders with investors and business partners, and we provide a network of experienced mentors and advisors.


We utilize our extensive network to amplify founder stories and provide vetted resources for growth.

Strong Governance

An experienced and trusted Board

W3 Studio was founded in September 2022 by Brian Zwerner, a venture capital executive with Beyond The Game Network and a champion of diversity in the Atlanta tech market.  Zwerner recruited a Board of Directors that have a demonstrated history of supporting underrepresented builders including Asante Bradford, Christy Brown, and Marlon Williams.

W3 Equality Inc (dba W3 Studio) is a Georgia 501c3 charitable organization and contributions are tax-deductible.  Donate here.

Become a W3
Founding Partner

Secure one of five Founding Partner slots today.

  • Seat on the W3 Studio Board
  • Branding on W3 Studio website, newsletter, promotions, events, and content
  • Leadership as a champion of diversity in tech sector
  • Operate at the cutting edge of innovation in the Atlanta tech ecosystem
  • Interact with companies and diverse individuals that could be future partners, acquisition targets, or hires
  • Just like other technology markets, the early winners in web3 have been almost exclusively men, typically White and Asian. We want to build a better future for the industry by supporting Black, Latinx, and Women startup leaders,” said Zwerner. “Access to friends and family capital is toughest for underrepresented founders, so W3 Studio will fill this gap with our grant program. Additionally, we will bring vetted resources and mentors to help these startups win.

    Brian Zwerner
    VC, Beyond The Game Network
  • Web3 is the cutting edge of technology, and the sector spans metaverse, gaming, social media, art, finance, developer tools, and much more,” added Williams. “If we act now, this emerging market can be one that matures with diversity as a core principle. Alongside the work we do at the Atlanta Blockchain Center, W3 Studio is well positioned to elevate Atlanta to a leadership role in the sector.

    Marlon Williams
    Founder, Atlanta Blockchain Center

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