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The Atlanta Blockchain Center and W3 Studio host diverse founders building Crypto and web3 startups here in Atlanta in our Immutable incubator program.  Our goal is to find innovative projects and talent to help develop, execute and scale their ideas.  The program is built around ten in-person education classes. Founders are then matched with mentors to help accelerate growth.

Please meet our graduates.  We expect big things from these amazing founders.

Cohort 1 – Q3 2022

Klearcoat Labs by Keith Wilson

Klearcoat Labs is on a mission to accelerate the shift toward decentralized automotive assets and experiences.

RevereXR by Yolanda Barton

RevereXR is weaving immersive reality technology into storytelling to relive, revive, and revere the history of our music, sports, art, knowledge, and generational wisdom.

Wedge by Jeremiah Long

Wedge is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit advisory and education organization specializing in emerging technology education outreach to underserved communities.

Cohort 2 – Q1 2023

FanFundr by Drew Williams

FanFundr is decentralizing global pop culture through community.

Mentrix by Harsha Tambareni

Mentrix helps companies maximize revenue and minimize time with AI solutions.

Wage by Zach Miller

Build virtual portfolios and prepare for intense 1-day head-to-head battles against other players. Compete for glory and money as you strive to outsmart and outperform your opponents.

Cohort 3 – Q4 2023

Dapphub by Travis Sherman

Dapphub provides a unified platform for accessing and managing decentralized applications (dApps), eliminating the need for cumbersome browser extensions or multiple applications. 

GoSayHello by Monte Applewhite

GoSayHELLO enables users to discover nearby people, businesses, and events with similar interests within a minute’s walk. 

Nursebloc by Sharonda Davis 

Nursebloc is an all-in-one destination for nurses to elevate their careers.  

Project Pi by Vandale Callender and Christopher Powell

Project Pi is a Hybrid Node-as-a-Service (hNaaS) platform, providing instant API access to full nodes across multiple blockchains. 

REAI by James Wang

REAI is your AI guide to your real estate journey. 

Skylark by Joe Lewis

Skylark allows brands and small businesses to supercharge their engagement with web3 and generative AI experiences.

Cohort 4 – Q1 2024

Instarails by Yamini Sagar

Instarails is making cross-border payments instant, inexpensive, and inclusive to all.

Kampeni by Christian Pearson

Kampeni is the world largest story telling online game built on-chain.

Keyspace Studio by Jonathan Hessing

Keyspace Studio helps brands fuel retention with tokenized loyalty.

Shown Live by Shayna Stewart

Shown Live is reinventing influencer marketing with its gift technology.

Subsume by Dedren Snead

Subsume is a global design and innovation studio and the creator of Games 4 Good.

Vngle by Blake Stoner

Vngle brings grassroots news coverage using blockchain technology.